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Gonzalez Insurance

Leveling the Playing Field for a Smaller Player in the Insurance Industry was a Walk in the Park with a Uniform Image Across all Brand Touchpoints

The Hurdle: Finding Uniformity

For Northern New Jersey-based Gonzalez & Co. Insurance Agency, the task was two-fold: create an updated, fresh image for a company that was born in the 1970s, and extend that brand in a uniform manner across all materials and outlets.

KickCharge® Creative Small Business Marketing Solution

To create a homogenous image, we crafted a new logo, website, stationery, print ads and marketing brochures. Through the use of a navy and grey color palette, the new brand speaks to the company’s professionalism and its commitment to both personal and business insurance lines. A modern font and matching icon instills the fresh, updated image that the company sought, while high-quality printing reflects premium service. Working with owner Chris Gonzalez, our copywriter also crafted wording for their website and brochure.

We love the synchronicity that’s implicit in the company’s marketing materials. Its brochure is easy to read, airy and not overwhelmed with too much copy. We’ve given the team at Gonzalez better tools to use, allowing them to more confidently market their services.

“KickCharge Creative was a true pleasure to work with, from conception to completion of our web site. Their staff was overwhelmingly professional, often times responding to us faster than we could gather our heads together to reply,” said Chris.

Signs of Success: Building Trust

“When people see our website it gives us instant credibility, and when we send out our proposals, everybody is impressed by them.”

Days after the new brand hit the market, Chris and his team began receiving applause from clients and prospects alike.

“The branding has definitely helped us gain new clients and I believe in building more trust with current clients,” said Chris. “When people see our website it gives us instant credibility, and when we send out our proposals, everybody is impressed by them.”

Even better, Gonzalez is now growing ahead of its local peers, reports Chris. “In our industry we’re still ahead of the competition in terms of a brand image that the public sees,” he said.

The website continues to attract attention and complements, which helps build rapport, according to Chris, adding: “For the first time, we are proud to direct anyone and everyone to our web site.”

“Being a small business we don’t have the luxury of having a whole marketing staff to design these items,” said Chris, adding that the new brand has “taken Gonzalez & Co. exactly where we wanted to go with regard to a fresh, cohesive and representative brand.”

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