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Resnick Premier Dentistry

Delivering Smile-Worthy Results for this NJ Dental Expert

Resnick Premier Dentistry contacted us when it was time for a fresh brand and online presence. We were excited about the project because the dental office was far from ordinary, and dispelled the negative dental myths we’ve all become accustomed to. From their state-of-the-art environment to their personable dental approach, Resnick Premier Dentistry is in a league of its own—so we were honored to create an image that matched their unparalleled service.

It was critical that the new brand identity convey progression, expertise—and comfort. The new practice name, tagline and logo played critical roles in communicating these inherent characteristics. The name Resnick Premier Dentistry, and the icon within the logo, were established to show the forward-thinking innovation that Dr. Resnick and his team integrate into their service model. The color scheme represents a soothing, relaxing experience that greatly resonates with what patients experience in this Franklin Lakes dental office. And finally, the logo typography, in conjunction with the new tagline—Expert Care for Every Smile—reinforced the dental office’s credibility, expertise and value proposition.

Once we nailed down the new brand identity, we integrated it throughout the stationery, web site and two micro-sites for veneers and implants. These marketing platforms bring the brand to life and help tell the story of Resnick Premier Dentistry. It’s always a pleasure to provide an industry leader with the proper tools to better market their unique service offerings, and it’s always easy to make a company look good when they really are good.

What the client says.

“When I built my new office a few years ago, my team created a certain look and feel for the physical space. We chose a modern, minimalistic design that lends a feeling of tranquility and serenity. My logo and branding had not been well-thought-out in the past, so I decided to revamp my business identity. My partnership with a creative marketing team yielded a modern logo and design for my brand: one that fits in very well with the look of my office. The logo, branding, and tagline carried over beautifully into my website and microsites, so the look and feel of the online experience matches what patients see the second they walk into the office.” – Leonard J. Resnick, DDS, Founder & President, Resnick Premier Dentistry



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  • Resnick Premier Dentistry
  • Resnick Premier Dentistry
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