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Town & Country Heating and Cooling Co.

Helping an HVAC company grow their business, while setting a new standard of service in the crowded Kansas marketplace.

The Hurdle: Stand Out & Stay Top of Mind

Town & Country Heating & Cooling approached us with the need to rebrand their business, so they could stand out and make a memorable impression on their target demographic. As a start up HVAC company in Lenexa, KS, Town & Country was competing against others in their industry that already established themselves to home and business owners. They needed unique branding and sales tools that would differentiate them from the other HVAC companies in Lenexa, Kansas, and the surrounding area.

For an HVAC company that strives to earn 100% satisfaction with every visit, they needed a brand that reflected a trustworthy time—something right out of the retro-era. That’s why we chose to place a heavy emphasis on Town & Country’s “value you can hang your hat on, and service that will make you smile,” with a retro mascot.

KickCharge® Creative’s Small Business Marketing Solution

To bring Town & Country’s premium value and service to light, KickCharge Creative chose a retro mascot that exuded trust and reliability. We felt that a logo and brand reminiscent of old-fashioned 1950s values would be the best way to demonstrate quality, while fostering consumer confidence. With the use of fonts that evoke mid-century-style script, we communicated reliability and excellent service to their customers.

KickCharge Creative incorporated Town & Country’s new branding onto their vehicle wrap designs, website and various sales tools. Individually, these marketing components tell the Town & Country brand story—but all together, they give the impression that this larger-than-life brand represents a larger-than-life company.

Signs of Success: Rock-Solid Brand Recognition

“Instead of being a struggling startup, we have established an instant reputation that is due, in large part, to our brand.”

After the rebranding and rollout of Town & Country’s new brand, this HVAC company was armed with the proper brand and marketing tools to outshine and out-deliver any competitor. Since the start of Town & Country in April 2013, the company has added three full-time service technicians—with another few on the way.

“Our Town & Country branding, by KickCharge Creative, has been tremendous in helping my company get off the ground. We have made quite a splash in the market because our vehicles are distinctive and unforgettable. Our brand recognition has given us a niche and a leg-up in a very competitive industry. Instead of being a struggling startup, we have established an instant reputation that is due, in large part, to our brand. We had zero customers when we launched. Our vehicle wraps have helped promote and drive new customers. We have serviced over 3,000 customers since we started less than 2 years ago.” — Owner of Town & Country, Owen Faulkner

  • Town & Country Heating & Cooling Co.
  • A great brand formed the foundation for this award-winning truck wrap for HVAC company in the midwest.
  • Town & Country Heating and Cooling
  • Town & Country Heating and Cooling
  • Direct mail postcard and handout design for Town & Country Heating and Cooling Co.
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