Learn 5 Reasons KickCharge Creative Is Your Perfect Match

Our team at KickCharge Creative chats with business owners and managers across the country every day. Most of them share similar concerns, challenges and struggles in their quest to grow their market share. Perhaps the most consistent complaints we hear relate to the digital marketing realm. Many business owners are dissatisfied with the results or don’t understand whether their campaigns are truly working. An analysis of their websites shows best practices aren’t being followed and the fundamentals are missing. read more

Follow These Best Practices to Capture New Customers Online

Savvy business owners are investing in digital marketing to grow their market share because they know that people looking for a service or product are searching online.
These leads demand a fast, easy experience, so it’s crucial that communicating with you is convenient once they find you. Otherwise, you are diluting the effectiveness of your digital marketing dollars.
It’s time to take a close look at whether your website is optimized to convert leads into customers. read more

Choose Fully Custom or Framework

Building a new website for your company has serious implications for the future of your business. Your competitiveness and success in the online marketplace depend on your website’s visibility, usability and what it communicates to your target audience.
Companies that choose KickCharge Creative to write, design and build their websites know that their online presence will be effective because KickCharge sites boast quality attributes such as:

User-friendly yet powerful WordPress platform
Responsiveness for mobile-friendly experience
Brand-centric design and voice
Unique, read more

Use Your Website’s Strengths to Boost AdWords Campaign Performance

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns have many building blocks: keywords, ad groups, ad copy, site extensions, bids and so on. A pro PPC manager knows how to adjust the many settings and options to increase your quality score, which improves your ads’ position and lowers the cost to run the campaign.
Among the many decisions a digital marketer must make is: Where will a visitor land after clicking on a text ad? read more

Don’t Lease Your Site or Get Locked Out

Imagine if, as a business owner, you bought a fleet of vehicles for your employees to drive, but the dealership where you purchased them didn’t give you the keys. Imagine that you couldn’t control the lights or thermostat in your own office space. What if you shelled out a significant investment to buy tools or materials, but your supplier took them all away because you decided to purchase additional materials elsewhere? read more

By now, business owners and managers know they need a website in order to compete for marketshare. However, many heating and air conditioning contractors make the mistake of believing any website will work. So, they hire an agency that promises low prices, knowledge of  the HVAC industry and ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) after the site launches.
The result: a generic website that looks like all of its competitors’ and fails to convert visitors into viable leads. read more

How to make the most of a company website and turn visitors into long-term customers

Consumers are more discerning today than ever before. When they turn to the web to research the services and products a company offers, they also want a better understanding of the business’s overall image. The way a company presents itself online often becomes the potential customer’s first impression.
A website visitor often devotes only a few seconds to determining whether the company is worth their time. read more

When a small business owner thinks about marketing, traditional tactics might come to mind first: a print advertisement, a postcard in the mail, a television or radio commercial. After all, they’re familiar and tangible. On the other hand, the term “digital marketing” can feel intimidating and ambiguous—especially for less tech-savvy folks. While you can hold a door hanger in your hand, a display ad that appears on one or a few websites (among billions of websites), read more

Five Tips to Assist with Spring Cleaning an HVAC Company’s Website

Spring has finally sprung, meaning that a special time of year has arrived—spring cleaning!
From organizing desk clutter to deleting unnecessary computer files, the spring cleaning to-do list is filling up fast. But there’s one task that should be on every business owner’s mind, yet is often neglected; that is, refreshing the company’s website.
Be productive this spring, and make it a priority to update the company’s website by concentrating on the following five areas. read more

Boost Conversion Rates Using Web Form Best Practices

People often fear a first impression because they only have one chance to get it right. However, rather than stressing over in-person meetings, a business’s first impression is often presented through its website.
Web pages facilitate a consumer’s initial perception of the business, often leading to the first interaction through an online form. A beautifully designed website with rich content falls short in its effectiveness without a well-positioned, read more