Rebranding is hard work. But, as a rule, small businesses that are progressive enough—and brave enough—to reinvent themselves emerge stronger and more successful than those that don’t. Of course, working with a team of rebranding experts makes the process go more smoothly and increases the chances of success. At Graphic D-Signs, we’ve known this from read more

Graphic D-Signs President Dan Antonelli Describes the Journey to Agency’s New Identity In the 22 years since I founded Graphic D-Signs, I’ve helped rebrand more than 1,000 small businesses around the globe. I’ve always understood why it’s a decision business owners don’t take lightly. But now, I have an even greater appreciation for my clients’ read more

How to make the most of a company website and turn visitors into long-term customers Consumers are more discerning today than ever before. When they turn to the web to research the services and products a company offers, they also want a better understanding of the business’s overall image. The way a company presents itself read more

The Before-and-After of Three Large HVAC Companies Rebranding a business is no easy task. In fact, it takes a series of intricate steps to transform a company from its old persona to its new identity. Although the process is time-consuming and requires extreme dedication, once a rebranding expedition is completed, companies tend to wish that read more

Starting or growing a business is an exciting, frustrating, rewarding and arduous experience. So, it’s understandable why many small business brands need help. After exhausting financial resources to get everything up and running, branding becomes an afterthought for many small business owners. Most businesses quickly have a logo thrown together, typically choosing the cheapest option. read more

Strategize & Aim High for Results That Go the Distance Everyone knows the phrase, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” When a business is about to rebrand, decision makers approach the precipice and prepare to take the leap. But just before the moment arrives, panic sets in. All of a sudden, what read more

It’s Official, the Business Is Rebranding The new name has been created, the tagline has been drafted, the colors have been selected, the logo has been designed, and the new website is days away from launching. This is it: the business is ready to take on its new identity. However, there is more that goes read more

Creating and Maintaining A Consistent Brand Image A brand identity defines who a company is and what it represents. In a sense, it’s a company’s personality. But how do you develop a brand identity? What is the key to taking this crafted personality and instilling it within consumers and the industry as a whole? It’s read more

Our Work Speaks for Itself Every day, we hear from small businesses that found our work online and fell in love with our truck wrap designs. They say that they quickly see a big difference in how we design vehicle wraps, as compared to what other companies are doing. With so many options for who to hire for read more

Choosing the name of a company feels like a daunting task, because a business owner wants it to be perfect. It’s natural to believe that success hinges on the ideal name. For plumbing businesses, in particular, it might even feel impossible to conjure something that is not too cheesy or forgettable. Although selecting the winning read more