Tips for Home Service Companies to Win Leads & Keep Customers Being a homeowner can be exhausting. When I need help, it’s nice to know I can turn to home service professionals. The problem is, finding the right company to hire is very frustrating. Over the years, I have received more estimates than I’d like read more

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Online Tool Helps HVAC Contractors Sell System Replacements For consumers grappling daily with hundreds of decisions and demands for their time and attention, convenience is king. They appreciate every opportunity to save time and effort. Here at KickCharge® Creative, a web design company in NJ, we build websites for our clients with this goal in read more

Follow our checklist to refresh your brand Rebranding is a big deal. We just did it ourselves, transforming from Graphic D-Signs to KickCharge® Creative, so we get it. When done well, rebranding yields immeasurable benefits. But it’s also a decision with implications that extend far beyond choosing a new logo design. If you’re not sure read more

Rebranding is hard work. But, as a rule, small businesses that are progressive enough—and brave enough—to reinvent themselves emerge stronger and more successful than those that don’t. Of course, working with a team of rebranding experts makes the process go more smoothly and increases the chances of success. At Graphic D-Signs, we’ve known this from read more

Graphic D-Signs President Dan Antonelli Describes the Journey to Agency’s New Identity In the 22 years since I founded Graphic D-Signs, I’ve helped rebrand more than 1,000 small businesses around the globe. I’ve always understood why it’s a decision business owners don’t take lightly. But now, I have an even greater appreciation for my clients’ read more

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We’re Heading West to Easton, PA! What better way to network with marketing experts from different fields than by attending a local marketing expo? Saddle up and head west to Easton, PA, to take part in this exclusive, collaborative marketing event held on Wednesday, Nov. 9 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the State read more

Learn why vehicle wraps can drive a business forward—literally. Effective marketing strategies are ubiquitous. That being said, how many strategies are versatile enough to turn consumers’ heads while simultaneously outracing the competition? For small businesses and large companies alike, a professional and standout vehicle wrap is one of the most powerful and cost-effective advertising methods available. read more