Outdated Info Can Cost You Customers

Last year, as the number of shopping days until Christmas was quickly dwindling, one of the remaining tasks on my holiday to-do list was to purchase a gift certificate to a local restaurant as a gift for my in-laws. My husband and I had enjoyed a delicious meal for our anniversary in November, so I planned to return to that restaurant to pick up the gift certificate. I stopped by during dinnertime on a Sunday and was surprised that it was closed. read more

Check Out These 7 Newsletter Content Tips That Work

As prevalent as text messages have become in our daily interactions, email remains a relevant communications tool—especially for businesses. Email allows us to reach large numbers of customers in an efficient, interactive and measurable way. Yet, regularly sending an email newsletter often falls into the bucket of things business owners and managers have the best intentions to handle but fall by the wayside (like blogging!). read more

Get Links to Loan Applications & Expert Advice About Advertising Messages

Whether your business is considered essential or has been forced to shutter to prevent COVID-19 infections and deaths, revenue has dropped, resources are limited and operations are challenging for most companies. It is rewarding to provide services people need and appreciate during this stressful time, and feeling productive is good for the economy and for your mental health. But you might need a little help, read more

Share Helpful, Informative Messages During the COVID-19 Crisis

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis unfolds, the world is facing an unprecedented challenge: To find certainty in the midst of uncertainty. But, as we continue to navigate this uncharted territory, there’s one thing we all need to continue to rely on—and that’s each other. Now more than ever, the messages you share with your staff, clients and the public at large need to be carefully crafted, read more

Here’s What Our Values Bring to Your Business

While our team is busy working on helping your business grow, sometimes we need to invest a little time and energy into working on our business. It’s just like the advice doctors give moms: “You need to take care of yourself so you can take care of everyone else.” So over the past year, during a thoughtful process to set goals for KickCharge Creativeâ, our management team defined our agency’s mission statement, read more

Contractors With Strong Branding Improve Hiring Success

It’s a nearly universal concern our home service contractor clients share: their growth efforts are stymied by inadequate staffing. Companies working with an HVAC marketing agency may feel particularly frustrated when their campaigns are yielding leads, yet their capacity for scheduling new customer appointments is limited. They want to hire more technicians, but they struggle to find quality candidates.
Sales growth is directly related to successful staffing. read more

Buehler Air Conditioning Describes Strategy, Fears and Results for SignCraft Magazine

It’s one thing to hear a branding and marketing agency preach the benefits of rebranding. It’s another to hear a first-hand account from a business owner who has experienced it himself. Jason Buehler, the owner of a Jacksonville, FL, air conditioning and heating company, shared the story of his recent rebranding journey with KickCharge Creative for the July/August 2019 issue of SignCraft magazine. read more

KickCharge Announces New Alliance to Benefit Plumbing Companies

A trustworthy partner is an invaluable asset, whether it’s a business associate or a personal connection. One strategy successful entrepreneurs practice is to get help from people who can supplement their knowledge, skills and abilities. At KickCharge Creative, we are proud of our expertise as a brand development agency, fleet branding award-winner, copywriting powerhouse and custom website designer in NJ. For the other services our small and mid-sized business clients need, read more

Learn Best Practices for Managing Testimonials

Customer reviews strongly influence buyers’ decisions. In a 2018 Local Consumer Review Survey by Bright Local, 68 percent of people said they are more likely to use a business if it has positive reviews. Meanwhile, 40 percent said negative reviews dissuade them from using a business.
That’s why, at KickCharge Creative, we encourage our clients to follow best practices for requesting, responding to and promoting their testimonials. For example, read more

KickCharge Creative Shares News From Google Conference

As your digital marketing manager, it’s my job to help you generate revenue by putting your brand in front of your target audience when they’re searching online for your services. Our team works to ensure you are visible where your potential customers are: online and on their mobile devices. We execute this objective through effective custom WordPress web design by our NJ team, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, read more