Check Out These 7 Newsletter Content Tips That Work

As prevalent as text messages have become in our daily interactions, email remains a relevant communications tool—especially for businesses. Email allows us to reach large numbers of customers in an efficient, interactive and measurable way. Yet, regularly sending an email newsletter often falls into the bucket of things business owners and managers have the best intentions to handle but fall by the wayside (like blogging!). It’s easier said than done, especially if writing isn’t one of your strengths.

The branded, professionally written custom email newsletters we deploy for our clients are very effective at accomplishing numerous objectives, with the ultimate win being increased sales. If you need email marketing, search engine optimization or social media management, as well as website development services, our NJ team has the expertise to position you for success.

Email Marketing Content Ideas

If one of the reasons you’re not sending newsletters with regular frequency is because you don’t know what to say, use these tips to spark some ideas. If they inspire you to hand your email marketing keys to KickCharge Creative instead, we’ll take it from here—just contact us to get started.

  1. News & Operational Information
    Have your hours changed? Is your showroom temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic? Or maybe you plan to host a customer appreciation event when socially distancing rules are relaxed. Share this important information via email so that your customers are in the know and can easily find your message later when they need to reference it.
  1. Savings
    The most popular area of our clients’ email newsletters is the special offers section. When a company is offering a discounted price or rebate, we mention the savings opportunity in the email subject line. The message’s open rate and number of clicks to the coupon or web page prove people are intrigued. Better yet, they’re calling to schedule the service or purchase the product.Most recently, successful promotions have included low pricing to schedule a pre-season air conditioning tune-up and discounts on installation of an in-duct home air purifier. Many clients also have asked us to tout financing options in their email newsletters. Offers such as 0% financing and low monthly payments are attractive when people have no choice but to replace a broken heating or cooling system.
  1. Seasonal Service Reminders
    Use your friendly email newsletter to remind your customers when it’s time to change their air filters, schedule maintenance appointments, install backup generators to prepare for hurricane season, gather their documents to file their tax returns, rotate their tires, arrange seasonal lawn care or plan for other time-sensitive services. These schedules are always on your radar but likely aren’t top-of-mind for the people who rely on you to perform the work.
  1. New Offerings
    This month, one of our clients’ newsletters is announcing a new air conditioner model now available for installation. Another client used email to make a splash about beginning to offer duct cleaning. Make sure your loyal customers know everything that’s available to them.
  1. Relationships
    If you’re partnering with a community organization or offering help during today’s challenges (such as by using your fleet to deliver donations), spread the word among your email subscribers. Getting others involved will expand your efforts to support more people. It also could introduce new opportunities for partnerships and business relationships. This newsletter we deployed for RDS Same Day Delivery has accomplished these goals and more.
  1. Blog Post Promotion
    Regularly publishing new blog posts on your website has many benefits. But you can’t expect people to stumble across them on their own. Tell your email subscribers when a new post is available by including a brief summary and link in your newsletter. Be sure to promote your blog posts on your social media channels, too. (You certainly will see this blog post on the KickCharge channels and in the May email blast! If you’re not already a subscriber, sign up here.)
  1. Request Input
    Customer feedback can help you make decisions. If you’re looking for input from the people who matter most, ask your clients to send you their opinions, suggestions or requests.

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Additional benefits of using digital marketing tactics like social media and email campaigns—besides that they are more quickly executed and less expensive than print media—are that they’re easily sharable (people can forward an email to friends and family who might be interested in its content) and measurable.

When you count on KickCharge Creative to handle your email marketing, you can expect your template design and content to fully integrate your brand, just like our vehicle advertising and print collateral do. To learn more and request examples of our work, call 908.835.9000 or fill out this form.