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Eager to make more money online with a branded website that wows? Watch Director of Digital Marketing Alyssa Young’s webinar, “From Bland to Branded: Get Better Web Results,” to learn how to flip the switch. read more

With the explosion in social media and other electronic communication, you might think that print marketing it dead. But you would be wrong—dead wrong. Tap into branding dynamo Dan Antonelli’s webinar, “Print Is Not Dead: Why Collateral Is Still Important for Marketing Small Businesses”. Learn how brochures, direct mailers and other print collateral can be powerful tools. read more

Are you the owner of a new business struggling to pick the perfect name? Or the chief executive of an established business whose name isn’t doing the heavy lifting it could—and should?
KickCharge Creative owner and marketing guru Dan Antonelli and his team have been successfully naming small businesses for more than two decades. He always advises that a strong name is the foundation of a kick-butt brand. Dan recommends carefully selecting a name to stand out—not fit in—because it will “KickCharge” your results and boost your return on investment. read more

At KickCharge Creative, we like to think of Kim Pereira as more than our social media butterfly. She’s our queen bee! She understands the ins and outs of the various platforms and works with dozens of our clients to build powerful social media marketing campaigns that spark success.
In this exciting webinar, she’ll cover how to create an effective social marketing profile, the value of compelling content and graphics, the importance of keeping your message consistent, read more

Learn the five rules for an effective wrap design, why colors are critical to your brand, how typography and distance legibility play a role—and so much more! read more

In this webinar, Dan Antonelli shares the best advice available on branding—what works and what doesn’t work. He tells the secrets of what makes a good HVAC brand and why being “disruptive” is a winning strategy. See remarkable before and after images of brands that KickCharge Creative has transformed and hear how sales skyrocketed for clients who flipped the switch and plugged into this branding energy force. read more

If you’ve been on the lookout for a special spark to boost your digital marketing campaigns, you’re in luck. KickCharge Creative Vice President and Director of Digital Marketing Alyssa Young hosted a webinar titled “Make the Most of Your Digital Marketing Toolbox.”
In her tell-all class, Alyssa revealed how to use the right digital marketing tools to accomplish lead generation, customer retention and brand awareness. She also clued in viewers about the do’s and don’ts of digital campaigning and debunked common myths. read more

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