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Here’s Why “5 Tips…” & Other Topics Are Vital to Your Digital Footprint

This blog is important! Seriously. Not only does it give you valuable insights into establishing or maintaining an online relationship with new and existing customers, but it lets us practice what we’re about to preach to you!

Keeping up with a monthly blog sounds like a lot of work. When you’re not prepared, it most certainly can be. But the value of a blog that’s well-maintained can do leaps and bounds for your business compared to one that features a “most recent” post from 2015. Besides, you don’t have to do it alone! As a digital marketing agency, KickCharge Creative has tons of experience help brands keep active blogs rolling.

But whether you choose to partner with us for your blogs or want to take on the task yourself, it’s important to understand exactly WHY we recommend this so strongly and how it affects your brand’s online presence.

Consistent Blogs Show You’re Active

Think about all of the different facets that go into your growth. Your online presence is one of them. So, if you aren’t posting to or updating your site regularly, it’s a missed opportunity to connect with your customers. Blogs are a great way to achieve this active presence without the need to make major changes or updates month after month. Giving your customers an opportunity to see the latest company news or relevant tips for their home comfort will let them know you’re there, you’re listening and you’re ready for their next job. Plus, you can use this as an opportunity to flex your industry muscles and show exactly what makes your company the local experts to trust.

Get a Boost to Your SEO & Customer Retention

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important tool used to remind Google that your site is relevant. By posting regular, monthly blogs, you’re telling Google you have new content that’s ready to be crawled (discovered and/or updated) and kept in its index. This will further allow your site to be included for relevant common search phrases. This can be done in greater precision to optimize SEO, but the simple act of maintaining a monthly blog at all is a fantastic start to boosting your presence in online searches. The more your site’s pages appear in Google searches, the more opportunities for clicks there are, which, in turn, leads to more opportunities to generate new leads.

There’s a World of Content Just Waiting to Be Tapped Into!

If “I don’t have time to blog every month” is what you’re thinking, that’s OK! It just so happens that blog writing is just one of KickCharge’s many specialties. But if hiring a team like ours isn’t within your budget, coming up with content for a monthly article doesn’t need to be a time-consuming process.

There’s a Blogger in You Waiting to Be Unleashed!

The benefits of a well-maintained blog are many, from creating opportunities for increased web traffic and leads to a more involved online presence and beyond. The bottom line is your blog has power just waiting to be tapped into that you can use to drive your company’s growth in the right direction.

If you need help with blog writing, content creation or other marketing for your business, we’re always here to help. Reach out to us online, or call our team at 908.835.9000 today.

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