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You’ll Definitely Want to Read This

We get it. He’s the guru. The brand whisperer. The best-selling author. He’s “Dan the Man.”

As a result, some entrepreneurs who work with us are reluctant to make even the simplest branding decision without speaking directly with Dan Antonelli, president and creative director of KickCharge Creative.

But, as Dan always says, he’s built an incredible team of smart, talented people around him. He trusts each and every one of them to help clients make the right decisions. And you should, too.

“I can’t possibly oversee the communications of every single project, nor do I need to since I’ve hired the best team in the country who knows the best way to design and integrate brands,” Dan says. “Do you think the people working for me would be putting out work that doesn’t live up to the standards and expectations we’re known for?”

Of course not. That simply doesn’t make sense.

Don’t Waste Dan’s Time—Or Yours

Here’s an example of what happens when clients don’t trust the process:

Let’s say our team is working on your truck wrap design. After reviewing the design, you want to remove the image of the mascot from the back of your vehicle. But our designer advises you that this would be a huge mistake because you will miss out on countless opportunities for new business when people see the logo on the back of your truck—and think of you later when they need your services.

“Before we go any further, I’d like to get Dan’s opinion on this,” you say.

Frankly, that would be a waste of Dan’s time—and of yours. Dan and the rest of our logo designers are masters of their craft. They understand the keys to great design. Plus, they meet regularly as a team to bounce ideas off of each other and make sure they‘re all on the same page.

We understand where some of you may be coming from. You aren’t just investing your hard-earned money into branding or rebranding with KickCharge. You’re counting on us to lay the foundation for a fantastic future. And so you want to make sure that the very best people are guiding you through the process.

And let’s face it. There definitely are companies out there where the level of skill and expertise drop off dramatically when you’re not working directly with the CEO or a few specific people. But that’s just not the case here at KickCharge. Every single member of our team is first rate and brings his or her A game—every single day.

Our Collaboration Is Off the Charts

Dan has invested thousands of hours into the training so that, no matter who works on any project, it lives up to the KickCharge standard that our reputation is based on.

Additionally, the level of collaboration is unparalleled. Our team collaborates on everything before it is presented—making the work even more exceptional.

Whether you are working with a top-level manager, account executive, content writer or designer, we all have unique roles to play and the experience to guide you in the right direction in our areas of expertise.

Of course, there are circumstances when Dan’s input is helpful or even  necessary. If and when that time comes, Dan will certainly step in. But he’s definitely not going to micromanage every project. He simply doesn’t need to!

Dan says it best: “Trust the process and the team whom you’ve hired. When that happens, clients receive the best creative, designed with their best interest in mind. Our team hasn’t steered a client wrong yet—and we never will.”

To learn more about our vehicle wraps, logo and brand design, namings and taglines, wall wraps, digital marketing and more, call us at 908.835.9000 or contact us through our website.

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