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Agency Owner Reflects on Responsibility to Clients

As the owner or manager of a small business, we know that entrusting a vendor to help your company succeed is a serious decision. Investing your hard-earned savings and relying on an outsider to rebrand or market the business you’ve built can be scary. You’ve probably made sacrifices to be able to afford it. And you likely feel uncertain about how to choose the agency that’s best for you.

The team at KickCharge Creative understands your apprehension. You’re taking a risk—so we think it’s important for you to know we take our responsibility to you very seriously. Whether you’re counting on us to create a whole new look for your company, design your truck wrap, manage your Google AdWords campaign or be your web design company in NJ, we embrace this philosophy: The work we do for you has the potential to change lives.

It’s Not About a Company, It’s About Families

I was speaking to a husband-and-wife team the other day about the brand and truck wrap we’re designing for them. While we were discussing logo sketches, I could hear a baby and their other young children in the background. It was a powerful reminder of the potential impact my agency’s work will have on their lives.

The success of our rebranding or marketing campaigns influences how many leads they receive and how many sales they close. The revenue they earn from those opportunities determines the lifestyle they enjoy and the number of employees they can hire to help operate the business. Sustaining those sales—and growing them—gives those workers security for their own families.

Conversely, if we don’t take our job seriously or we get it wrong, it can cause upheaval in a number of households. Entrepreneurs depend on their businesses’ success not only to pay their bills, send their children to college and save for retirement, but also to allow their employees to do the same.

Ultimately, your brand and your marketing are only pieces of the puzzle that determine your success; you control how you operate your business, how you treat your employees, how you treat your customers and so much more. But we know our work plays an important role in the overall equation.

Don’t Settle for Good Enough

And yet, there are countless examples of poor quality work in the marketplace. Some designers and marketers simply don’t understand best practices, so their deliverables fall short. Some don’t appreciate their responsibility and so they don’t put their heart and soul into their work. Either way, their mediocre efforts are reflected in their output.

It’s disheartening to see branding and marketing that is bound to fail to deliver results. From a poor logo, to a web site that doesn’t live up to a brand promise, I’m sad to see a missed opportunity for that business. When that happens, the business lacks the tools it needs to succeed, and it wasted precious dollars investing in that product.

That’s why my team at KickCharge Creative is driven by the mission to change our clients’ lives for the better. We are motivated by your success. We want to feel proud of our contribution to your victories and celebrate with you. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but it means we never settle for good enough.

Whether you need an agency you can trust for a small project, a complete makeover, NJ experts in web design or someone to manage all of your marketing, you can rest assured the KickCharge team will dig deep each and every time. If you’re risking your company’s future success, make it count.

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