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Dan Antonelli

What we really enjoy about our job is creating success stories for our clients with our work. Take BrooklynPorkStore.com as an example. Last year, we redesigned their web site and introduced a new brand identity for their online store. The results were astonishing. They went from about 40 order PER YEAR on their old site, to well over 4 THOUSAND orders last year. Even before they were featured on the Food Network – they we’re averaging about 100 or more orders per month. Our email campaign for them has been hugely successful as well.

What’s interesting, is that if it weren’t for their new, redesigned site and brand identity – the Food Network wouldn’t have even considered featuring them on their Road Tasted show. So, this is a great example of what it takes to propel your company to the next level – the vision to see the need for a company like us to help them, and the guts to put that plan into action.

Most business owners fail to ever take their businesses the next level. It’s not that they don’t want to – they just don’t have the vision needed to make it happen – and don’t know where to turn to to get them to the next level.

That’s why our best clients are those who trust us, and our years of experience, to take them to next level. We’re just as excited by their successes as they are. And that’s usually when they realize that their marketing investment with us has paid for itself many of times over. Or in the case of BrooklynPorkStore, it actually paid for itself about 45 times over.

That’s powerful stuff.

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