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Choose Fully Custom or Framework

Building a new website for your company has serious implications for the future of your business. Your competitiveness and success in the online marketplace depend on your website’s visibility, usability and what it communicates to your target audience.

Companies that choose KickCharge Creative to write, design and build their websites know that their online presence will be effective because KickCharge sites boast quality attributes such as:

These benefits are standard with any website we create. But our web design agency in NJ knows each of our clients isn’t standard; every business that entrusts us with its brand or marketing project has individual strengths, challenges, goals and priorities. That’s why we offer two avenues to build a new website—so you can choose the approach that best fits your needs and your budget.

KickCharge Creative sells both fully custom websites and a streamlined framework option. Either approach delivers the aforementioned qualities that enable your website to generate a strong return on investment by driving new business via phone calls and contact forms. So, what’s the difference? Let’s explore the distinguishing characteristics between custom and framework websites to help you make the right choice for your business.

Custom vs. Framework Websites

When we build a custom website, our team of creative designers and developers starts from scratch. The layout, design and coding are original—they don’t share a template with any other website. A KickCharge framework website, on the other hand, starts with a template we created to meet most of our clients’ needs for HVAC website design. It also can be a wise choice for plumbers, electricians and businesses of all types and sizes.

Clients who follow the framework approach still have options from which they can choose, and their websites are customized to their brands and their businesses. This brand customization goes far beyond just putting your logo on the top of the site. Unique aspects of your brand are infused in design elements through the site, such as the colors, shapes and other creative touches. But by starting with a prebuilt structure, the website project is faster and costs less.

A KickCharge framework website is strategic. It looks professional, showcases your business’s unique voice and, most importantly, works. However, framework means less flexibility. For example, the website header and dropdown menus have a predetermined structure. There also are fewer unique page templates to deploy across the website. For these reasons, companies that want a distinctive, one-of-a-kind online presence often choose the custom route.

Of course, if you choose to build your new website using the KickCharge Creative framework, you may enhance it. We’ll simply discuss the additional cost you would incur to make the changes you request.

In addition to complete creative freedom in the layout and design of the header, menus and page templates, a fully custom website includes more dynamic calls to action (cue the fancy form that’s always expandable with a single click) and custom-written meta titles and meta descriptions to enhance the site’s SEO strength.

With KickCharge, no matter which option you choose, you own your website, which isn’t always the case with other website design companies. When you partner with us, you never lease the content or the code—or become a hostage to a long-term commitment.

Let’s Get to Work

KickCharge developed these two website project pathways to ensure we have a solution that meets your needs, preferences and budget. We recently added new options for payment plans and in-house web hosting, too, so your website build is affordable and convenient.

If your website doesn’t do your company justice, it’s time to renovate your digital front door. We’ll help you determine which plan is right for you. Contact us today online or call 908.835.9000 to learn more about our unparalleled web solutions.

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