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Without strategic marketing messages and collateral, competing for heating and air conditioning business in a crowded market could feel as futile as a busted furnace. Nevertheless, many companies in this industry don’t have the time or expertise that they need to develop, execute and implement their brand to attract customers and grow. That’s when it’s wise to partner with a marketing agency that has the right experience, expertise, resources and strategic approach to support your HVAC company through the entire marketing journey.

Follow these tips to hire a partner, not just a vendor, that will grow with a company and become an extension of its own team.

Choose a marketing agency that can:

Do it all

An agency that understands a business’s brand origins is best prepared to implement the company’s identity across marketing materials to launch a successful campaign. The strongest partner will have the ability to create a strong brand, and then apply it everywhere—from snazzy stationery and brochures, to vehicle wraps, the website and social media networks. Understanding an HVAC company’s brand vision ensures that it is implemented consistently across all media and platforms.

Show relevant experience

Heating and air conditioning companies face unique challenges and opportunities. An agency that specializes in branding and marketing for similarly sized contractors is best qualified to strategize and execute the most appropriate tactics. Check the agency’s portfolio for samples of work for other HVAC companies. If most of its case studies are for large corporations or for nonprofits, for example, the agency might not have the relevant experience that a heating and air conditioning contractor needs.

Handle it in-house

Know the origins of the agency’s artwork. How is it derived? If it is based on clipart, for example, the logo cannot be trademarked and could infringe on another company’s trademark or an artist’s copyright protection. Make sure the agency’s brands are original creations.

Some agencies outsource work, such as design and development. Know whether to expect verbal, direct communication with the designer and other team members. Does the portfolio represent work by current staffers or past employees?

Understand the media

Ensure that the agency performs well in the company’s priority medium. For example, vehicle wraps are an important platform to showcase an HVAC company’s brand, so be sure that the agency shows strong, real-world examples of this work in its portfolio. Or, look for well-rounded strength in all brand executions: print, online and outdoor.

Justify the investment

An agency should be able to justify its pricing by adequately describing its deliverables and the time it will invest in a project. Know what to expect from the process, and be sure to ask about limitations on revisions.

Here’s the bottom line: An HVAC company that needs reliable, effective branding and marketing services should partner with an agency that has a track record of success working with businesses of similar types and sizes.

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