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Nike says, “Just do it.” McDonald’s tells the world, “I’m Lovin’ It.” And L’Oreal wants individuals to know that it’s all, “Because you’re worth it.”

In business, a tagline or slogan is “a catchphrase or small group of words that are combined in a special way to identify a product or company,” according to Entrepreneur.com’s small business encyclopedia.

Taglines are representations of a brand—capturing an HVAC business’s mission, promise and unique personality.

HVAC companies have slogans for the same reason they have logos: advertising. Just as logos are visual representations of a brand, taglines are also representations of a brand—capturing an HVAC business’s mission, promise and unique personality in one key phrase. Both logos and taglines grab consumers’ attention more readily than the company name might (especially in such a saturated market). Plus, they’re more memorable.

The tagline development process need not be a daunting task. Here are practical tips to consider when crafting an HVAC tagline:

Keep it Simple

When crafting a tagline, there’s one thing to remember—be clear, not clever. In a saturated market, a strong, easy-to-understand tagline is an important asset for every HVAC business.

A successful tagline resonates with potential consumers at first glance, drawing them in and inciting them to inquire about what a particular business has to offer. So, rather than being overcomplicated and underwhelming, HVAC businesses should focus on clarity and simplicity. This way, a tagline’s meaning is obvious and makes immediate sense to the target audience.

Add Some Branding

Whether a company places emphasis on innovation and risk taking, harmony and support, or quality and dependability, every HVAC business has a unique personality. So, business owners should show it off in their companies’ slogans—using an adjective to capture their branding. It’s an opportunity to distinguish what the company does better than its competitors, so an effective tagline should highlight a key differentiator.

Identify a Focus

It’s true that the best HVAC taglines are simple and memorable, but they are also functional. You see—the broader a tagline is, the less likely it will help people recall a specific business’s product or service.

The best HVAC taglines are simple and memorable, but they are also functional.

On the other hand, the more focused it is, the easier it will be for people to remember a company’ when they need its particular product or service. That’s why a tagline should clearly explain a business’s product or service, or capture what it is that makes one particular HVAC business different than its competitors.

To get started, an HVAC business should identify precisely what it has to offer. Taglines should speak directly to a benefit or advantage, so consider what the brand wants to communicate to its target audience in five to six words (or less). Put simply, focus on how the brand can better its consumers’ lives—and stick with it.

Take a Step Back

After brainstorming potential taglines and jotting down the best options on paper, it’s important to take a step back. Leave notes aside for a few days and return again with a clear mind—as a prospective consumer would for the first time. Next, hold focus groups over email, in person or by phone, asking other people which options they like and don’t like. Finally, before picking a tagline, it’s important for a business owner to consider the following questions:

It can be challenging to develop a simple, memorable and relevant tagline that succinctly summarizes an HVAC business’s services and mission. However, when done well, a solid tagline makes a brand promise so much stronger. Add it on the website, business cards and other marketing collateral—ensuring that this shiny new tagline attracts all the attention it deserves.

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