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Service agreements are a win-win business tactic—granting HVAC companies customer loyalty and guaranteed business all year long, while simultaneously providing customers with a high level of service at an affordable price. Yet, despite the immense benefits that these service agreements deliver, many HVAC companies struggle to communicate the plan’s advantages to their customers, resulting in a minimal number of sign-ups.

Luckily, this misfortune can be reversed via a few tactics that increase customer awareness and trust.

Educate Current Customers

The most promising prospects for service agreement sign-ups are existing customers. When a homeowner has known the company for years, a level of trust prevails between the customer and service technician.

Longtime customers probably are familiar with the reliable products, dependable system services and exceptional customer satisfaction that their HVAC company of choice provides, but they still may remain unaware of the business’s full roster of service potential.

A loyal customer will listen if a trusted technician takes the time to explain how regularly maintaining an air conditioning unit maximizes home comfort. From there, the technician can introduce the affordable approach to a healthier system: the company’s service agreement. Keep in mind that this is not selling the company to the customer; instead, this is educating a customer who is already sold on the company about the additional benefits he or she could enjoy.

Establish Trust Before Serving New Homeowners

It’s important to focus on building trust with new customers before even touching their HVAC unit. Technicians can begin developing the customer-company relationship the moment they arrive on-site. These brand ambassadors should spark casual conversation with customers to get to know them and their needs. So, ask about their home comfort challenges, and learn about their heating and cooling preferences. This deeper understanding establishes trust that becomes the foundation of a strong, loyal working relationship.

Making an effort to personalize service does not go unnoticed. Customers reciprocate their appreciation with their loyalty to the company, which is an essential step toward service agreement enrollment.

Just remember to retain the customer’s trust by always making the homeowner’s best interests the company’s top priority.

Affordable Cost for Efficient Protection

For old and new customers alike, the most effective way to achieve more service agreement sign-ups is to create affordable options that fit every homeowner’s budget. Ways to accomplish this include offering different plan prices or providing a monthly payment schedule with no financing fees. Ultimately, people will enroll only if the value of the plan meets or exceeds its price. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the service agreement appeals to the customer in both protection and worth.

Even more, offer a variety of plans that fit every homeowner’s HVAC needs and budget. Start with the most affordable plan, which covers just the basic services. Then, ensure that every higher-tier plan includes those basic, routine maintenance items, and more. The system protection and price discounts should increase in tandem with the cost of the plan.

Another option is to manipulate the time frame, rather than the protection offered. Present a trial protection period at a discounted rate that will encourage new and current customers to try the plan with little to no risk. Extend the offering with one-year and two-year agreements. The goal is to get the customer to sign up for the plan with the longest time frame. In order to make the two-year agreement more appealing, incorporate an incentive, such as discounting the cost for the second-year coverage. It’s a win-win: the customer receives longer protection at a reduced rate, and the company is guaranteed business for two years.

Launch Marketing Blasts

The simplest way to raise awareness for service agreements is through targeted marketing blasts. This includes creating email newsletters and monthly postcards that highlight maintenance benefits, along with offering attractive incentives and discounts for customers that  sign up before the cooling or heating season arrives. Encourage people to start thinking now, and explain how they will thank themselves later.

Remember that social media is a powerful advertising tool, too. Crafting multiple social media posts weekly helps retain the attention of a large audience. The efficient and far-reaching nature of  social media makes it a company’s best friend in advertising.

Be Persistent

Persistence pays off. Whether it’s thanking customers for their loyalty through a postcard or calling to remind them of their scheduled maintenance check, staying in contact with customers on a regular basis maintains the company-customer relationship.

Keep in mind that renewing service agreements is just as important as attaining the initial sign-up. Contact customers a few months prior to their agreement’s expiration date or a few months before their annual tune-up to schedule service and remind them of the service agreement benefits.

If someone chooses not to renew their agreement, find out what triggered this decision. See if there is a way to address this issue—especially if multiple people complain of the same problem. If the problem can be addressed, amend the issue and let customers know that the problem has been fixed. It will add a level of personalization and ensure that customers know that their voice matters.

Service Agreements Are a Win for All

Service agreements benefit each side of a customer-company relationship, making them an essential service that an HVAC company can employ to keep business running strong—all year long.

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