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KickCharge Offers Discounts on Bundled Services

Rebranding your small business is a major endeavor that marks the beginning of an exciting journey. Embracing your new brand and putting it in action in the marketplace is a major undertaking that, when done right, reaps even bigger rewards. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, so we developed the KickCharge® Rebrand Roadmap. It helps prioritize the steps in this process in four phases: brand implementation, brand execution, brand enforcement and brand launch.

Now we’ve taken it a step farther, and we’re offering a way to help you save money on your rebranding rollout. Take advantage of the new KickCharge package prices for brand development. As an experienced HVAC marketing agency, we’ve identified the most popular and important collateral contractors need to succeed and bundled them into packages. You can enjoy discounts by committing to multiple projects when you decide to rebrand.

Get KickCharged—For Less!

One of the reasons we developed these packages is to encourage efficiency. When you select a series of projects at the start of your rebranding voyage, we can be smart about how we’ll modify graphics and content to fit different platforms. This saves us time and you money, while also improving the final product and shortening the delivery timeline.

The KickCharge brand packages include:







More information, including pricing, is available here.

A Painless Process That Packs a Punch

The KickCharge team executes every marketing project using your powerful new brand as the (very strong) foundation. All designs and content portray your image and communicate your differentiators, so they get people’s attention and generate ROI.

Your brand ambassadors at KickCharge will steer you through your projects. The brand development process is described in detail here. Our collaboration and creativity—with you and among our team members—drive success through your every marketing effort.

Of course, the collateral offered in these packages also is available a la carte, along with myriad other services, such as company naming and HVAC taglines, pocket folder design, direct mail campaign creative, digital marketing and billboards.

We’ll Help You Navigate

Not sure which package is best for you? Lean on our marketing experts to help you plan and prioritize. We can develop your marketing strategy and advise on your marketing budget, too. Call today to speak to KickCharge V.P., Director of Client Relations Terri Briggs or contact us online.

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