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Drive Business Through Voice Search, Local Services by Google

The latest technological advances that make it more convenient for homeowners to hire a home service provider are keeping contractors on their toes. If you want to be in the running to capture online business, you need to stay on top of the trends. Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Among the hot tools today’s consumers are using to make their lives easier are voice search, Local Services by Google and smart home assistants. These solutions require companies to have a strong digital presence—from branded, user-friendly web design to search engine-optimized content and consistent contact information. But catering to each platform’s criteria gets even more complicated.

Partnering with a marketing agency to guide you through applications and optimization is the safest strategy. But first, check out these tips to get familiar with next steps and prioritize your efforts.

Voice Search

Most people speak differently than they write. And more and more, people are talking into their mobile devices to perform functions that previously required typing—such as searching the web. This means, when people use an application like Siri that obeys voice commands, their searches are worded differently than when they type into the search box.

To take advantage of the growing popularity of voice search, your website content should be written conversationally. A web page that is optimized for voice search uses everyday language that will better match up with spoken queries. Long-tail keywords are more effective for these searches because people use more detailed phrases when they speak (since it’s easier and faster than typing).

With voice search, people ask more detailed questions to find specific answers. Therefore, traffic generated this way may be more likely to yield qualified leads: Being visible in the results for these queries will pay off.

Most voice searches likely happen on a mobile device so the mobile-friendliness of your website is very important. The page the search delivers needs to be easy to read, and it must be quick and easy to contact you from there by phone or form.

It’s a good time to ensure voice search is factored into your SEO campaign.

Home Assistants

Smart home assistants use voice searches, too, but other factors affect the results they offer. For example, Google Assistant will help you find local services, and it will rely on other sources like HomeAdvisor and Porch to screen the companies it pulls up.

The takeaway here is to ensure your web presence is up-to-date, accurate, branded and consistent across the board. You don’t need to pay for premium status on every online directory to be included in these searches, but make sure your basic profile on third-party sites is as comprehensive as possible. Take special care of your Google My Business listing to optimize it fully, post to it regularly and cultivate and respond to customer reviews.

Local Services by Google

The new Local Services by Google platform displays home service contractors in a separate carousel at the top of the search results page. Despite being available only in select cities, it’s already popular because Google is backing the service offerings with a guarantee. Participating contractors must meet qualifying criteria to be deemed trustworthy—including employees passing background checks.

Contractors who participate in Local Services by Google pay only for their leads and can manage their ads and budget via an app. It operates separately from Google AdWords and from organic search results.

It may be too soon to measure the performance of this new program, but, for now, one thing is certain: A brand that appears in Local Services, AdWords and the top of the organic listings will have the strongest online presence, sending a clear message to consumers about the expert they should choose.

KickCharge Your Search Status

A strong online presence is only growing in importance. It’s also demanding more of your time and attention—but you have a business to manage. Fortunately, you can rely on KickCharge Creative, along with our partner 1SEO.com Digital Agency, to ensure your digital marketing is adapting along with technology and the competitive market. Whether you need web design in NJ, an SEO or pay-per-click expert, email marketing, social media management or any other small business marketing support, contact us online or call 908.835.9000 to get the spark you need for 2018.

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