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Not sure what to write about in your newsletter? Consider these proven tactics.

It’s happened again: You’re staring in frustration at the blank page. Only this time, you’re not in school trying to churn out the first sentence for your English paper. Instead, you’re about to draft content for your company newsletter. Only problem is, you don’t know where to begin.

At Graphic D-Signs, we do.

Our award-winning web design company in NJ has helped hundreds of small businesses step up their marketing game with effective email campaigns—and it all starts with compelling content. Take a look at some different ways to frame your content and build a powerful connection between your brand and your customers.

Spice Things Up With a Seasonal Touch

There’s a difference between fluff and creativity. While your customers want relevant and valuable information, they’re less likely to read your content if it’s dry and boring. So the question remains: How do you present important information without losing interest? One way is by sticking to the seasons!

Think about the time of year and how it affects your customers. Are people looking forward to the warmer weather and planning summer vacations? Or are cold temperatures making them spend more time inside? Are they in the midst of holiday preparations? Regardless of the season, you can draw a connection between your customers’ experiences and your services. It’s a great way to keep your content fresh, relatable and appealing to your target audience.

Spread the Word of Events & Specials

Don’t treat your newsletter as a mandatory marketing tool. Instead, use it as an opportunity to promote various events and specials. Your readers will appreciate receiving information that will help them save money or take advantage of a limited-time offer. Give your customers a reason to read—and they’ll keep reading.

Put Your Employees in the Spotlight

Where would you be without your dedicated employees? Customers are naturally curious and want to know more about your employees—especially if they’ll be welcoming them into their homes for service work.

Consider highlighting a different employee each month. Not only will your customers value it, but your employees will appreciate your initiative to recognize their hard work and learn more about who they are as people.

Drive Readers to Your Blog and Social Media

Your blog is another great way to connect with customers and provide valuable information. You can use email marketing to promote your latest blog posts and drive readers to your website. It also makes your business look organized, which is something customers always want to see.

Go one step further and point readers to your social media platforms. This will allow customers to see a more personalized side of your company that can encourage brand loyalty.

Walk in Your Customers’ Shoes

Sometimes the best way to brainstorm a writing topic is to take a stroll outside. If you do, remember to walk in your customers’ shoes. What do your customers want? More importantly, what do they need?

Graphic D-Signs can help you find these answers. Our web design company in NJ specializes in small business marketing solutions. We’ll partner with you to launch a winning email campaign that will command attention and convert customers. Start the new year on the right note—and turn your blank page into better business in 2017.

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