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Use Your Website’s Strengths to Boost AdWords Campaign Performance

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns have many building blocks: keywords, ad groups, ad copy, site extensions, bids and so on. A pro PPC manager knows how to adjust the many settings and options to increase your quality score, which improves your ads’ position and lowers the cost to run the campaign.

Among the many decisions a digital marketer must make is: Where will a visitor land after clicking on a text ad? Some firms create stand-alone landing pages especially for PPC campaigns, while others link ads to pages on your existing website. KickCharge Creative, a marketing and web design company in NJ, and our partner, 1SEO.com Digital Agency, subscribe to the latter strategy. Let’s explore three reasons Google AdWords should drive traffic to your existing content, including this one: you’ve invested in a beautiful website, so put it to work!

  1. Design

A strategic, branded website design helps convert traffic into qualified leads. It is user-friendly, informative and professional and it makes it easy to take the next step to become a customer. Search engine marketing improves your website’s visibility, but your brand, website design and content determine whether visitors take action once they get there—or move on to one of your competitors. Your PPC campaign and your website share the same goal: to encourage leads to call you or submit a contact form. So send your PPC traffic to your website and let it do its job.

  1. Supporting content

If your website strategy is sound, it contains comprehensive, organized information about your services and your values, with easy-to-use navigation. When AdWords leads searching for someone to fix their busted furnaces arrive on the heating repair page on your website, if they aren’t ready to convert immediately, they can continue to explore: Those leads can read your company history, meet your team, check out coupons and also discover other services you offer that they might need, too—now or in the future.

Conversely, a stand-alone landing page lacking this additional content is a weaker destination. It could mean a missed opportunity, if homeowners who need their furnaces fixed don’t have the chance to see that you also perform duct cleaning—something else they’re interested in.

  1. Remarketing

A remarketing campaign uses branded display ads of various shapes and sizes to “stalk” your website visitors after they’ve left and are surfing other sites. They build brand awareness and keep your company fresh in their minds. The hope is that, when they’re ready to make a decision, they’ll return to your website to contact you, either by clicking one of those ads or remembering your name. The remarketing ads that KickCharge builds ensure company logo designs are prominent so their brands are the focal point.

If PPC traffic gets directed to a landing page off your website, you lose the opportunity to follow them with the eye-catching remarketing ads they would see if they had landed on your website instead.

Boost ROI With Best Practices

Specific, relevant landing pages are just one of the major elements of an effective and efficient Google AdWords campaign. The KickCharge Creative team joins forces with 1SEO.com’s expert PPC team to employ best practices and careful management and monitoring that drive down cost per conversion and maximize return on investment. To learn more about our digital marketing strategies and services, or to request a free audit of your current campaigns, contact us online or call 800-836-4666.

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