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Feast Your Eyes on the Prize: A $50 Amazon eGift Card!

What comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving? Is it the food? The family?

Thanksgiving is perhaps the most traditional holiday of the year. Turkeys fly off the shelves, families come together and businesses prepare for Black Friday sales.

No doubt about it, Thanksgiving is stuffed with tradition. So we asked ourselves: What’s it like to celebrate Thanksgiving with a twist? How do people make Thanksgiving less traditional and more original?

We want you to tell us.

This month, we’re on the hunt for the most nontraditional Thanksgiving tradition out there. It can be a food so nontraditional that it would be banned from anyone else’s Turkey Day table. It can be a dance you and your family only get to do over the holidays. It can even be something one of your quirky relatives does every year. Anything that makes your holiday different—or in other words, makes it a #KickChargedThanksgiving!

The Rules:

Time to talk turkey. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Post your most nontraditional tradition to your Facebook page and include #KickChargedThanksgiving in the post. Or, you can send us a direct message on Facebook beginning with “We enjoy a KickCharged Thanksgiving because…”
  2. Entries will be accepted until NOON EST on Wednesday, Nov. 22.
  3. The participant who submits the most nontraditional tradition will be declared the winner. We will contact you via Facebook for your email address so we can send your eGift Card. Be sure to check Facebook on Wednesday afternoon to see if you’ve won!
  4. The winner will receive an Amazon eGift Card via email for $50.

Why Break Free from Tradition?

Don’t get us wrong: We love Thanksgiving and all the traditions that come with it. But each day, we get to help small businesses become power players in their markets. And it all starts with nontraditional branding tactics.

Why blend in when you can stand out instead? We live by these words at KickCharge Creative. Breaking free from the clutter allows you to:

What Does “KickCharge” Mean Anyway?

Here’s how we define KickCharge:

v. 1. To energize brands and boost businesses with powerful marketing solutions.

n. 2. A creative, strategic jolt that disrupts and dominates the marketplace.

To KickCharge a business means to help it stand out in all the right ways. We’ve done this for thousands of businesses through the years—and yours can be next!

Share Your #KickChargedThanksgiving With Us!

Think your Thanksgiving is far from traditional? It could win you a $50 Amazon eGift Card—all you have to do is tell us about it! Enter before NOON EST on Nov. 22 for your chance to win some extra spending money for the holidays.

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