“Success in spite of a poor brand is not a valid reason to perpetuate it.”

Graphic D-Signs President and Creative Director Dan Antonelli believes so strongly in this message that it’s emblazoned on a large sign that adorns a wall in the agency’s Washington, NJ, office.

A poor brand is one that portrays a negative image of a business, or maybe even just a neutral one. But imagine what happens to a business with a brand that stands out for the right reasons—a brand that’s memorable, empowers, and leaves a lasting, positive impression.

In the latest CEOWarrior podcast, Antonelli dissects what defines a strong brand and describes the process of rebranding a company. Business consultant Mike Agugliaro interviewed Antonelli for the segment, dubbed “Branding: How to Leverage a Great Brand for Success.”

Listen to the “Branding: How to Leverage a Great Brand for Success” podcast featuring Graphic D-Signs President & Creative Director, Dan Antonelli.

What’s a strong brand? It’s the one, eye-catching business card among the 50 that are pegged to the community bulletin board in the grocery store vestibule. It’s the distinctive, bold vehicle wrap that everyone in town recognizes (and remembers) as it rolls through neighborhoods. A strong brand stands out in a busy marketplace with a lot of noise competing for consumers’ attention. Developing a disruptive brand that connects with the target audience ensures that a company isn’t missing opportunities to get new business, Antonelli explains.

A strong brand stands out in a busy marketplace with a lot of noise competing for consumers’ attention.

In the podcast, Antonelli tells Agugliaro about his logo design process and philosophy, even touching on the nitty-gritty yet critical minutiae of fonts and colors. The design needs to appeal to the company’s customers, not necessarily the owner’s personal preferences, he says.

A well-crafted logo becomes the hub of a brand. The logo, company name, tagline and qualifiers—along with all of the marketing efforts, from print collateral to the website and social media posts—must communicate a genuine brand message and speak to the company’s actual core values.

Antonelli also offers advice for Agugliaro’s podcast listeners about why businesses should continually nurture and evolve their brand.

“What you’re doing today is not good enough for tomorrow,” he says.

Hear more from Antonelli in his book, Building A Big Small Business Brand.