Rebranding is hard work. But, as a rule, small businesses that are progressive enough—and brave enough—to reinvent themselves emerge stronger and more successful than those that don’t. Of course, working with a team of rebranding experts makes the process go more smoothly and increases the chances of success.

At Graphic D-Signs, we’ve known this from Day One. In our 22 years as a Small Business Marketing Agency, we’ve guided more than 1,000 clients through this process and other bold marketing endeavors . Be patient, we told them. Don’t be afraid to put in the hard work that’s necessary, we advised. Trust us, we said, it’ll all pay off in the end.

And it has. In fact, many clients have said after their rebrands that they wish they would have done it sooner.

Now we know exactly how they feel. We’ve taken the plunge ourselves, saying goodbye to our old name to proudly embrace our new identity: KickCharge® Creative. Our new brand embodies everything our clients have come to know and trust—but with an added kick of creativity to spark even more Powerful Marketing Solutions® for our clients.

In some ways, our journey has been unique. Whose hasn’t been? In other ways, it’s been very similar to what our clients have experienced—fear, frustration, anticipation, excitement.

We made this decision because our name no longer accurately reflects how much we’ve grown over two decades. When founder Dan Antonelli established this business in 1995, he was a one-man operation working out of his basement and offering mainly truck lettering and graphic design services. Today, we’re a team of 20-plus energetic creatives who can do it all for our small business clients—logo design, branding, vehicle wraps, website creation, digital marketing, social media, brochures, stationery and more.

Soon we’ll be moving into a custom-designed office that’s better equipped for our growing staff, increased capabilities and fresh opportunities. So this was the perfect time for our rebrand. Stay tuned for more about our new digs.

So how do you know if rebranding is right for you? Here are just some of the signs:

  • Your logo is second-rate. (Think mediocre or even terrible.)
  • Your brand no longer reflects who your company is and what it represents.
  • Your brand identity has been diluted because there is no consistency in how it is being  presented across your various marketing channels, including your website, social and digital outreach and print collateral.
  • You’ve achieved some level of success, but your brand is holding you back from even greater heights. Think complacency.
  • Your brand no longer communicates a positive brand promise. In other words, people who know nothing at all about you judge your brand to be neutral or, even worse, negative in terms of perception.

Rebranding isn’t just about creating a new name and a new look. It’s about connecting more effectively with your customers and setting yourself apart from the competition, which is especially critical in a saturated market.

From building signs to websites to marketing materials, businesses that rebrand need to consider all of the applications of a new name and a new logo. But they also need to keep in mind the big picture and the positive results of an effective rebrand: growth and greater success.  

We’ve helped hundreds of clients through the rebranding process. Now we’ve been through it ourselves. As a result, we are more confident than ever that we can KickCharge your small business into overdrive. KickCharge Creative has the marketing juice to help you get your identity seen, heard and known. You have the power to stand apart from the competition and redefine your success.

We have the roadmap—and your back. Let’s take this journey together.