Original blog published on July 31, 2018 | Blog updated on September 15, 2021

Learn How to Promote Special Offers in Your Marketing to Generate New Business

How do you motivate customers to stop procrastinating and take action? Entice them with a good deal!

Think about it. Who doesn’t love to save money or get more for less—or, better yet, for free? Whether it’s to buy a product or schedule a service, your customers are more likely to convert (make a purchase or schedule an appointment) when they can take advantage of an offer—particularly one that’s going to be around only for a limited time.

No matter the original price tag, a discount accelerates sales volume and that’s why promoting specials is a smart marketing strategy. All you need to do is determine the special offer(s) you will honor and then, spread the word. Our small business marketing and web design agency in NJ can help craft your message and deliver it across various channels to maximize the number of eyeballs that see it. As customers cash in your coupon, you will enjoy greater cash flow as well as new relationships that promise future revenue, too.

Here’s the Deal on Money-Saving Coupons

Sweetening your already savvy service with a hot deal can help encourage new sales from former or long-term patrons, lure a consumer to break his or her routine of patronizing one of your competitors or be your foot in the door for a homeowner that’s new to the area and has yet to select his or her service provider.

Coupons come in many forms. They can:

  • Reduce the regular price of your product or service, i.e. $25 off any service call
  • Encourage customers to upgrade their purchase, i.e. 3 free filters with purchase of new filtration system
  • Provide an additional item, feature or benefit for added value, i.e. free WiFi thermostat with installation of any new 15 SEER or higher AC system

When creating a coupon, keep in mind that discounting your price with a dollar amount is often more enticing than offering a percentage off. For big-ticket items, such as installing a ductless mini-split system or water purification system, consider offering a larger price break—but with a deadline for installation (e.g. $500 off if installed by Sept. 30). It could be just the motivation a wavering customer needs to pull the trigger on that home investment.

Financing Makes Your Service Financially Feasible

When homeowners need your service but can’t afford to pay the total bill all at once, financing can mean the difference between closing—or losing—the sale. If you offer options to make payments over time, make sure your customers know. Promote financing prominently by describing the length of time over which the cost can be extended and whether it’s interest-free.

Spread the Word

Once you’ve chosen your coupons and financing terms, it’s time to get them in front of your customers. Promoting your special offer across multiple platforms in a coordinated campaign will reinforce your message and grow your reach. The following is not an exhaustive list, but it provides comprehensive coverage so your special offers are sure to be seen:

  • Email newsletter: You should be staying in touch with your existing customers via email, so your newsletter is a prime opportunity to advertise timely deals. Be sure to mention the savings opportunities in the email subject line, so customers are more likely to read it!
  • Social media: The smartest thing you can do is advertise in the places where your customers are—and that’s on social media. With social platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, you can create a website click ad for your special offer, which will take the visitor to the savings page on your website to learn more. Or you can run a “contact now” ad that allows the person to call you or submit a contact form immediately, eliminating any hurdles or time delays.
  • Website calls to action (CTAs): Use eye-catching CTAs on the sidebar of pages throughout your website to promote your money-saving offers and to link to the savings and financing information on your site.
  • Direct mail: People are more likely to keep a postcard that arrives in their mailbox if it contains a coupon they can clip and use. Ensure your direct mailer does not fall into the junk mail bin (i.e. trash can) by using the piece to promote your special deals.
  • Print ads: Include a coupon or describe your financing opportunities in your newspaper or magazine ad. Remember to change it up from issue to issue so it stands out from the static ads.
  • Pay-per-click advertising: You can run PPC ads specifically about your coupons, or you can use site link extensions on your service ads to include info about discounts and financing.
  • Remarketing ads: These display ads, also called retargeting ads, appear on other websites after someone has visited yours. A consumer who was checking out your website and later sees your special offer in a snazzy display ad may be more likely to return to your site—and contact you this time.

Trust Our Experts to Craft Your Message

Once you’ve determined the offers you want to extend and the avenues by which you want to promote them, you also need catchy wording and professional design for your website and collateral to lure in that new business.

The team of marketing experts at KickCharge Creative, including copywriters, designers and web developers, can ensure your strategy is well executed and effective. We will help you communicate your message and your brand professionally and consistently across all media. At our agency in NJ, web design, digital marketing and print collateral are where we shine. To get started on your promotions project, call us today at 908.835.9000 or contact us online.