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Make the Most of Branding to Discover Newfound Marketing Success

There are two things that can be said about plumbing services: they’re always in demand, and there are plenty of people to do the job.

And so, when a plumbing business is looking to stand out from the crowd, a memorable, compelling brand can work wonders. By applying the brand consistently across a variety of deliverables, it comes to life—and makes a splash in the market.

Answering the Customer’s Crucial Question

Customers’ mindsets can be summed up in two words: “So, what?” They want to know what makes this company worth their time and, more importantly, their money. What does this company have that the five other plumbers in town are missing?  

Most small businesses don’t have the luxury of answering this question when the customer asks it. As a result, consumers resort to working with the information that’s in front of them, and then using their own judgment to make the final call.

Ultimately, a plumbing business that effectively communicates its brand promise and enhances its marketing efforts for publicity can heavily influence consumers’ decisions about which company to choose.

Consistency Is Key

Politicians broadcast their faces everywhere and distribute a plethora of freebies for a reason: they want to be remembered when voters go to the polls.

The same rationale applies to a business’s marketing. The more platforms that a company uses to promote its brand, the more likely that customers will remember its name when they need plumbing services.

Brochures, door hangers and business cards are essential deliverables that should be branded and used to a company’s advantage. After building a powerful logo and brand, a plumbing business can integrate the new identity onto various platforms and collateral, too. Plumbers can use these to share valuable information, such as service offerings, seasonal promotions and how to contact them, while simultaneously building trust with their consistent, standout brand.

Make The Most Of Every Project  

It’s no secret that more projects means more profit. That being said, service visits present another unique opportunity that many plumbers overlook: the chance to market for further service.

Consider passing along coupons after completing a service, or put branded magnets on clients’ plumbing equipment. Even if the customer doesn’t schedule a plumbing service for a while, a future need is inevitable. Or, if the customer moves and new homeowners arrive, they’ll see the magnet and immediately know of a plumber in the neighborhood.

Be Professional, But Original

A little creativity can go a long way. Apart from business cards and standard deliverables, plumbing businesses can think outside of the box with their deliverables.

There’s a difference between free marketing materials, and free marketing materials that are useful. Sure, customers will value the information in brochures and typical advertisements. But when push comes to shove, there’s nothing that clients appreciate more than practical freebies.

For example, not everyone needs a door hanger, but every home needs a plunger. Once a brand has a solid foundation, why not promote it in less conventional ways? It’s a small measure, but it speaks volumes about how the business takes extra steps for its customers.

Standing Out Pays Off

Plumbing businesses are often regarded as mundane and generic. And so, when a company takes the initiative to integrate branded deliverables, it puts the company miles ahead of the competition.

With the right marketing and strategy, a plumbing business can maximize its outreach and make a bold, powerful statement about everything its business has that the others lack.

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