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Copywriter Carly Kuchova


With an endless supply of energy and a replenishing tank of enthusiasm, Carly comes to KickCharge Creative with a passion for helping clients to grow their businesses and crush their competitors. This passion, blended with her ability to craft compelling copy, her experience within the industry, and her degree in Communications with a focus on Multimedia Journalism, makes Carly a valued asset of our team.

A Jill of All Trades, Carly has a diverse background. In college, Carly held several leadership roles, including serving as the Editor-in-Chief for the Virginia Tech branch of the nationwide college newspaper, The Odyssey. Responsible for editing articles for a team of over 30 writers, all while steadily writing one to two articles of her own on a weekly basis, Carly mastered the art of multitasking—thoroughly editing content and efficiently writing intriguing articles on a wide array of topics.

From there, Carly ventured into the workforce and joined the production team at a large, international advertising agency based out of New York City. For over a year, she put to work the broadcast and production side of her major—only to soon find her heart aching to write again.

And that is when Carly’s love story with KickCharge Creative began.

Eager to delve back into writing and to grow into an invaluable copywriter, Carly is here to help our clients voice their brands and connect with their audiences. She wholeheartedly believes that writing is about more than just putting words on a page; it’s about sharing a brand’s voice, its story and its personality.


Carly graduated from Virginia Tech, where she earned a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism. While at the university, she spent the majority of her time attempting to befriend every person on campus and to convince people that she doesn’t have a “Jersey accent.”

When not at work

When Carly isn’t getting lost in the power of words, you can find her throwing her all into exercising. As a fitness enthusiast, an NPC athlete, and a nutrition nerd, the gym is her safe haven. It’s where she can better herself, both mentally and physically, and palpably see the changes that she has built within herself.

When not writing

… She’s still writing. To her, writing is an outlet; it’s crucial for her existence. Carly’s ‘notebook of wisdom’ (her journal) is a place where she can write genuinely and vigorously. She believes that, “If people wanted you to write fondly of them, they should have behaved better.”


Words to live by

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving better or happier.” – Mother Teresa

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