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Janice Laubach

Senior Copywriter

Janice is a word nerd and grammar queen who brings decades’ worth of reporting, writing and editing skills to her role as Senior Content Strategist. She loves the rhythm and flow of crafting compelling stories and knows that well-researched and well-written content is key to increasing brand visibility and generating traffic. She loves everything about her job at KickCharge—from the naming, tagline and website projects to writing blogs, brochures, billboards and more. She’s also proud to lead a team of talented, hardworking and creative content writers.

Janice joined KickCharge in 2016 after working for newspapers in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. She earned numerous writing awards from the New Jersey Press Association, New York Press Association and Pennsylvania Newspaper Press Association.


When not writing

Did we mention that Janice is obsessed with correct spelling and proper grammar? Every road sign she passes. Every Facebook post she reads. Every news crawl scrolling across the TV screen. Every article. Every headline. Every word. She can’t help looking for each and every flaw and mentally fixing them.

Since joining KickCharge, she’s also obsessed with critiquing every service vehicle she passes during her travels. Often, she thinks to herself, “Boy, this company REALLY needs our naming, logo design and vehicle wrap services!”


Janice is committed to getting in her daily three-mile walk. She’s addicted to The New York Times’ Sunday Crossword Puzzle and Scrabble. She also enjoys watching the hummingbirds that flock to her backyard feeder.


“She loved books. She loved them with her senses and her intellect. The way they looked and smelled; the way they felt in her hands; the way the pages seemed to murmur as she turned them. Everything there is in the world, she thought, is in books.” ― Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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