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Jesse LuBera

Brand Designer

Since my earliest memories, I have aspired to create art. When I was asked in kindergarten what I wanted to be one day, my answer was always: “An artist!” I loved to create and never really considered another path. Bored and left to my own devices during summers spent at my parents’ signage business, I began drawing and creating “logos” for imaginary companies. My parents took notice and encouraged my creativity, giving me simple design tasks to work on for clients and advising me in the use of the industry-standard software I still use today. This is where I fell in love with design. I became engrossed in self-study, absorbing trade publications and written materials on all areas and eras of design.

I eventually assumed the lead design position at our small company. This led to over a decade of senior design experience in other areas of the signage and digital advertising industries. I managed the design department and creative direction for my former company, often bridging the gap between design and production by overseeing output, installing vehicle wraps and operating large CNC (computer numerical control) machinery. This gave me a unique understanding of both effective design and its physical application.

In dealing with mostly small business owners struggling to make an impact in their markets, I began to notice that very few designers or agencies were devoted to helping “the little guy” with effective branding. Brand illustration became a primary focus for me, and building expressive brands that helped small companies to grow became my passion.

After following and working with KickCharge on projects over several years, I was excited to come on board full time as part of a team that could do so much more for clients than I could ever do as a solo designer.

What I Listen To

While designing, I am fueled by audio content. I absorb hours of podcasts, audiobooks and a wide range of music from different genres on a daily basis. From Malcolm Gladwell to Dante and Rage Against the Machine to Lord Huron, audio keeps me focused and energized.

Greates Passion/Accomplishment

Design, of course! The wonder of practical aesthetics, the challenge of thinking and seeing in new ways and the feeling of creating something new are what drive me every day. Outside of design, backpacking has been one of my greatest passions—one that led me to walk all 2,192 miles of North America’s Appalachian Trail in 2019.

When not at work

I love the outdoors and can usually be found on a trail, climbing a mountain or near a fly-fishing stream. Time in nature is almost always spent with my wife, Erica. When inside, I am usually being creative! I love woodworking, painting in all media and, of course, designing in new ways to improve my craft.

Words to Live By

“Decide what to be, and go be it.” A simple phrase from an Avett Brothers’ song that has helped bring perspective through many daily challenges.

Can’t Live Without

Food. Water. Oxygen.
Joking! Our orange cat, Peeves; my SketchBook, Spotify and Audible subscriptions; morning coffee; headphones; and a fresh pair of trail-running shoes.

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