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Nicole Bayne

Graphic Designer

Throughout her life, Nicole has always gravitated toward anything art related, but she immediately knew it was what she wanted to do when she began learning graphic design during her junior year of high school. After Nicole graduated from the University of Arts in Philadelphia, she moved back to NJ and discovered KickCharge at the perfect time!


Nicole attended Delaware College of Art and Design for 2 years and then transferred to UArts to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design.

When Not At Work

Nicole loves spending time with her friends, family and pets! When the weather is nice, she loves to travel, spend time outdoors and roller skate, She even had a phase of learning hula hoop tricks. In the winter months, she usually switches back and forth between different artsy hobbies. Some of her favorites have been journaling, scrapbooking and linocut printmaking. She can always keep herself busy with something, but oftentimes a perfect night for Nicole is just getting cozy, ordering takeout and enjoying a movie night at home.

Proudest Accomplishment

Her proudest accomplishment is overcoming selective mutism, a social anxiety disorder. Growing up, it was really difficult for Nicole to make friends. Until her late teens, most days she went without speaking to anyone at school. Nicole was so paralyzed by fear that she didn’t have the option to communicate verbally, so being a visual communicator came naturally to her. While it was a very difficult journey, Nicole says this struggle definitely helped to make her a better designer.

Words to Live By

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” —Roy T. Bennett

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