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Senior Project Manager Sandy Friedman
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The agency life grabbed Sandy by accident. Yes, she’s one of those—someone whose career path took a different direction than she intended. Her plan was to become a deaf education teacher, until she realized the limitations of her degree. That’s when she found herself at an agency. Now, 20+ years later, Sandy is immersed in the agency life. It’s helped her fully appreciate the value of listening—and a whole lot more.

When Not At Work

One of Sandy’s greatest pleasures is photography. Through the years, it’s been all about sports as she follows her son through his baseball, football and wrestling careers. His teammates reap the benefits, too, because Sandy snaps shots of everyone. Right now, it’s her son and his college teammates. She still brings her camera to every sporting event and can’t resist capturing it all on film. Someday, maybe one of those athletes will be famous and Sandy will have snagged those coveted “when they were young” photos.

Greatest Passion

Sandy loves helping others and has trouble saying no when she’s asked. Whether it’s helping to plan activities or bringing people together for a cause or event, she enjoys the planning process. She’s happy to cook. But don’t ask her to bake. That’s one of the few times you’ll hear her say no. She’s passionate about working with an organization that supports homeless families in Warren County by providing meals, a safe place to sleep and counseling. She also enjoys volunteering as a Sunday school director/teacher and chair of her church’s building and grounds committee.

Interesting Tidbit

Before settling down with a family, Sandy spent five months living and working in St. Croix and then left for a three-week vacation in Hawaii, enjoying the luxuries of island life. It was during this time that Sandy became certified to scuba dive, often using “summer hours” to spend Friday afternoons on a boat listening to Christmas music in the fall while snorkeling with stingrays. Now, that’s the life.

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