“I’ve been searching for a small business logo, small business branding and small business graphic design company for years that is a) affordable, and b) actually knows what they are doing. After viewing their designs on their website, I knew the people at Graphic D-Signs were the people to work with. I’m also a huge fan of retro graphics design and logos, so their branding ideas fit well with where I wanted to take our company, ProMaster Home Repair. While Dan Antonelli and his team are experts in their field, extremely competent and passionate about what they do, they aren’t too ‘big’ to accept input, criticism and ideas from the owner and management team. This quality is EXTREMELY unusual when dealing with designers–as I’ve often found that such people have a ‘we know better than you attitude’ and completely discount the feedback of others. In reality, successful entrepreneurs know best (in general) how to brand their company; they simply lack the skills, tactics, and experience to do it. This is where Dan and Graphic D-Signs come in. Dan welcomed a collaborative, iterative approach to MAKE SURE I was 100% thrilled with ProMaster’s company logo and brand. And I think the end product speaks for itself. (You can check us out at http://www.mastermylist.com.) If you are looking for small business branding and are serious about working with one of the foremost experts in the county, then call Dan. Their rates are extremely fair and reasonable and he will take your company to the ‘next level.’ However, if you are just looking for a cheap logo, go somewhere else.“