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We’re passionate about giving voice to a sector that had long remained silent: small businesses. With more than 400 published articles on branding and marketing, it’s safe to say we’re a bit obsessed.

President Dan Antonelli has written four books on branding and logo design including his latest, Branded Not Blanded: KickCharge Your Home Service Brand. He is also an active influencer in various home service media such as Plumbing & Mechanical magazine, HVACR BusinessACHR News, HVAC Master of the Hustle Podcast, and Tommy Mello’s Home Service Expert Podcast.

A frequent contributor to the home service community, Dan has been cited as a branding expert by prestigious publications including Fox Business, Inc. Magazine, Intuit Small Business Blog, Entrepreneur, HVACR Business, Signs of the Times, and The Star Ledger, to name a few. No matter the reason clients come to us, Dan is always involved in the process. He personally serves as a small business marketing consultant for businesses that need branding expertise and direction.

The team at KickCharge® Creative shares Dan’s enthusiasm and knowledge of how to deliver powerful marketing solutions. People come to us not because we write about small business brands, but because we believe in them and the power they hold.

Check out some of our published content and media appearances below.

5 rules for effective vehicle wraps. Dan Antonelli shares his top five tips on what can make your company’s vehicle wrap not only stand out, but effectively bring in business. Read more.

Branded Not Blanded with Dan Antonelli. Dan Antonelli sits down with Blue Collar Nation to discuss what makes a great brand … and what doesn’t. Listen here.

Winning tactics for closing the sale. In SignCraft Magazine, Dan Antonelli delivers his top tips for successfully marketing your brand and increasing sales. Read more.

Creating a Standout Home Service Business Brand: Dan Antonelli of KickCharge Creative. Pressure Washing Marketing Pros sits down with Dan Antonelli to discuss how to make your home service brand stand out. Also included: top branding mistakes, how to measure ROI, future trends and more. Watch now.

Podcast 379: Branding Your Business: A Roofer’s Guide To Professional Success With Dan Antonelli. Dan Antonelli shares his expert tips for how to build an effective brand for any-sized roofing business and how the right brand reduces your marketing spend! Listen now.

How to Differentiate Your Business in a Competitive Marketplace with Dan Antonelli. Joseph Hughes and Dan Antonelli discuss overcoming competitive challenges and how to differentiate your brand in today’s saturated market. Watch now.

Design logos for both horizontal and vertical use. In this SignCraft Magazine article, Dan Antonelli outlines why having a logo that is adaptable for both horizontal and vertical placements is so important. Read here.

Episode 17: Dan Antonelli – Grow Your Business by Taking it From “Blanded to Branded”
Dan Antonelli joins Brandon Sewell of the Off the Ladder Podcast to discuss his book Branded Not Blanded and how to create a “sticky” brand. Listen here.

Check A Pro: Dan Antonelli and ROCKET-X 2024
Dan Antonelli joins Jim Klauck on the Check A Pro Show podcast to discuss going to the ROCKET-X-2024 Event and the importance of rebranding. Watch here.

Weird Branding Tricks To Scale Your Pressure Washing Business
Michael Pisco invites Dan Antonelli onto his podcast to discuss branding for home services brands and strategies to make you stand out. Watch now.

Branding Mastery with Dan Antonelli: Transforming Home Service Brands
Dan Antonelli shares his knowledge about building an effective, unique brand and why it matters with The Contractor Growth Network. Watch now.

Previous Years

Design Like Lives Are At Stake with Dan Antonelli from KickCharge Creative – BSS Podcast #12
Dan Antonelli joins the crew of Better Sign Shop to discuss his book Branded Not Blanded and how building a strong brand can influence success (and profit!). Watch here.

Marketing Magic: The Secret to Success May Be a Tool You’re Not Using
Dan Antonelli shares how avoiding a rebrand or having ineffective branding can actually cost you more in marketing and why. Learn more.

Should You Use ‘Home Services’ in Your Name? No. Here’s Why
Dan Antonelli shares his advice for naming your business and why “home services” isn’t the focus you need in a name. Learn why and how to get around using general phrases like that in this LinkedIn article.

Profit Rocket 2022: Dan Antonelli Speaks on the Blueprint for a Killer Home Service Brand.
This video shows Dan Antonelli’s seminar from Profit Rocket 2022 that teaches how to build a brand that is unique and disruptive. This video gives you the blueprint for building a brand that stands out, attracts the right clients and employees, and wins the hearts and minds of your ideal customers. Covering the basics from naming and taglines to the logistics of building a disruptive wrap, you’ll learn how better branding yields a much-improved marketing ROI and a smaller marketing budget. See how.

The ServiceLegend Podcast Episode #33 Revolutionising Home Service Branding W/ Dan Antonelli
The ServiceLegend Podcast hosted by Marko Sipila welcomes Dan Antonelli to share his marketing journey. From the beginnings of KickCharge to how disruptive branding has changed the industry, Dan shares his insights on how you can stand out in the market. Learn more.

Simple wraps deliver a more powerful message
Having more elements such as photos, text, and accreditation logos are things people may feel they need on a vehicle wrap. That’s not the case. Dan Antonelli shares how a simple vehicle wrap can actually be more effective in this SignCraft Magazine article. Learn more.

Unleashing Your Brand’s Potential: Insights from Dan Antonelli on the Koolers Lifestyle Podcast #42
Kooler Lifestyle Podcast’s Matthew Kuehlhorn interviews Dan Antonelli about how logos and branding can impact customer perception, memory and reviews. He even dives into the rebranding of Matthew’s Kooler Garage Doors. Watch now.

Is Wrapping Your Vehicles Worth It? – Dan Antonelli
Dan Antonelli joins Breakthrough Academy’s Benji Carlson to discuss how having a disruptive and unique vehicle wrap in a white-van world can catapult your ROI and organic traffic. Watch now.

Is Your Company Branded? Or Blanded?
Breakthrough Academy shares this clip of Dan Antonelli explaining what it means to be “branded” rather than “blanded.” Listen here.

TMV Investments, LLC Invests in KickCharge to Revolutionize Home Service Company Branding
We are proud to announce our partnership with TMV Investments, LLC. This partnership will allow KickCharge Creative to expand product offerings and assist even more home service companies with their branding needs. Read more about this powerhouse collaboration.

Podcast 333: Is Your Roofing Business Branded Or Blanded With Dan Antonelli
Building a better brand means spending less on your marketing in the long run. How? Dan Antonelli talks with The Roofer Show’s Dave Sullivan on why so many roofing companies struggle with branding and how a kick-ass brand can make you “sticky” in a client’s mind. Listen now.

Branded NOT Blanded with Dan Antonelli (A Better Insight at Branding)
Dan Antonelli and Electricpreneur Secrets—The Electrician Podcast delve into the importance of branding for your electrician business and how poor marketing will cost you in the long run. Watch now.

Fit In or Stand Out With Dan Antonelli
Rival Digital featured Dan Antonelli on their podcast, sitting down to talk about brand development, taglines, brochures and even billboards. Dan breaks down KickCharge’s goal, which essentially is to control first impressions and perceptions before customers even pick up the phone to call. Listen to learn why you need an attention-grabbing brand.

Mastering Home Service Contractor Branding in 2023 with Dan Antonelli
The Mission Control podcast and Dan Antonelli team up to talk about the basics of branding, including how to approach branding, the process, discovering your target audience and more. Learn more about the psychology behind branding.

Elevating Hardscape Brands: Expert Insights from Dan Antonelli
Dan Antonelli chats with the Hardscape Growth podcast about how branding not only shapes your business success, but your company culture as well. He shares his insights on elevating your brand, enhancing marketing impact and boosting sales. Learn more.

Building an identity one step at a time
Dan Antonelli breaks down the branding process and how he makes decisions to take a brand to the next level in this SignCraft Magazine article. Read more.

Unveiling the Future of Home Service Branding: Dan Antonelli and Tommy Mello Unite
Mandeep Bhalla and Shreya Nagwani of Born for the Trades: A Home Service Podcast sit down with Dan Antonelli to discuss his partnership with Tommy Mello and how together they redefined the branding landscape within the home service industry, leveraging the unique strengths of KickCharge Creative and TMV Investments. Learn more.

How To Brand Your Roofing Company For Long Term Success | Dan Antonelli
The Contractor Dynamics podcast welcomes Dan Antonelli to share his insights on branding, the cost of not effectively branding, how it all affects your ROI and more. Watch now.

Profit Rocket Growth Summit 2023 Speaker Series Part #10: Unleashing Business Transformation: The Power of Effective Branding with Dan Antonelli
Dan Antonelli connects with the Close It Now podcast to share insights included in his book Branded Not Blanded. Listen now to learn why a compelling brand can set you apart in the competitive home service world.

Dan Antonelli – KickCharge Creative
Dan Antonelli joins Jim Klauck on The Home Service Freedom Podcast to discuss the right questions to ask your marketing company to figure out your brand and how to make it stand out from the crowd. Watch now.

3 Branding Mistakes w/Dan Antonelli
Hook Agency quickly meets with Dan Antonelli at Service World to discuss the top three branding mistakes made today, with tips on what to do, what to avoid and more. Check it out here.

Byte-Sized Agency Briefs – Ep 047 – Dan Antonelli, KickCharge Creative
In this Byte-Sized Agency Brief, Dan Antonelli speaks with Agency Outsight’s Steve Guberman about how KickCharge Creative owns the home service branding space and how that move changed the trajectory of the agency. Additionally, Dan discusses how a near-death experience changed his priorities and how it led to selling equity and bringing on a partner. He also gives advice on what to do when faced with potential copyright infringement. Watch now.


Home Service Expert with Tommy Mello: How To Get Clients To Sell Themselves On Your Brand Before They Even Call You
Join Tommy Mello and Dan Antonelli, President and Chief Creative Officer of KickCharge Creative talk all about how to build a brand that stands out, attracts the right clients and employees, and wins the hearts and minds of your ideal customer. Watch now.

The Profit Rocket Podcast by Victor Rancour:  S01 E07 – Episode 7 “Branded Not Blanded” w/ Dan Antonelli
Victor and Dan dive into home service branding and how it can make or break your business. Dan also unveils his new book, “Branded Not Blanded.” Listen now.

Blue Collar CEO Podcast with Ryan Redding:  S03 E13 – Episode 7 “Branded for the Trades” w/ Dan Antonelli
In this episode, Ryan and Dan discuss people’s big misconceptions about branding their home services businesses, its impact, and the mistakes to avoid when branding your business. Listen now.

Toolbox for the Trades | Redesigning Business Success with ‘Brand Therapist’ Dan Antonelli
Dan Antonelli, founder and president of KickCharge Creative, recently joined ServiceTitan’s Jackie Aubel as part of Season 5 of “Toolbox for the Trades” podcast. Watch this episode to learn more about:

  • Distinguishing a bad brand from a good brand.
  • Making a good brand a great brand.
  • The difference between branding and notoriety.
  • How branding affects your bottom line.
  • Good reasons for changing your brand.

Listen now.

HVAC Success Secrets Revealed: E: 83- Dan Antonelli w/ KickCharge Creative: How To Kickcharge Your Branding For Your Business
In this episode, topics include: When is the right time to rebrand? Why would an owner rename their company and what does that process look like? What does the quote “a camel is a horse designed by a committee” from your book mean and how does it relate to branding? Listen now.

HVAC Masters of the Hustle:  Episode #180:
HVAC Masters Of The Hustle would like to welcome the GOAT Dan Antonelli back into the Hot Seat on episode 180. On this episode we take a deep dive in Dans new book Branded Not Blanded. this episode is loaded with tips from Dan on how to separate yourself and stand out! Listen now.

Successful Life Podcast: Disrupting the Branding Industry
In this episode of the Successful Life Podcast, I talk with Dan Antonelli about key strategies for developing the right logo and trade dress to drive franchise growth. Dan is the author of Building a Big Small Business Brand, and is the creative director of the branding firm KickCharge Creative. We discuss how to create a strong and recognizable brand for your franchise, and how to choose the right logo and design to support that brand. Dan shares his insights on what makes a successful franchise brand, and how to avoid common pitfalls when creating your own franchise brand. If you’re looking to grow your franchise through branding and design, this episode is a must-listen! Listen now.

Contractor Growth Podcast: #341 Your Current Brand Is Costing You THOUSANDS
We are joined by Dan Antonelli, President of KickCharge Creative! Dan has worked with contractors for YEARS, helping them update their brand. Whether it’s a new name, logo, colors, or truck wrap. Dan has a book coming out titled Branded Not Blanded that is designed to educate contractors on how to update their brand in 2022. Enjoy this conversation! Listen now.

The Contractor Fight: TCF385: Investing in Your Brand with Dan Antonelli
Investing in your brand is a surefire way to scale your business and increase your revenue if you take the time to do it right. Tom’s guest today is Dan Antonelli, the founder of KickCharge Creative. Dan explains why branding isn’t just about having a logo or clever company name, and how to build a stronger brand that makes more customers want to hire you! Listen now.

HVAC Uncensored Podcast: Kick Charge Your Brand With Dan Antonelli
In this episode of the HVAC Uncensored Podcast Gil and Kelley talk to the one and only Dan Antonelli. Dan is the owner and director at Kick Charge Creative. They have branded some of the most well-known trade companies in the country. We talk about the importance of a brand and when it’s time to rebrand. Such a great conversation. Don’t wanna miss this! Listen now.

In the Den Podcast: How to Get More Sales with a Captivating Brand: Episode #176
Your brand is just as important as your bottom line, and a GOOD brand can actually be the difference between your business making $1 million or $10 million in revenue. Today, we’re talking shop with the master of brand creation and design, Dan Antonelli, President of KickCharge Creative! Dan shares all the answers you need to create a powerful, long-lasting impact across your service area with a brand that will stand the test of time. Don’t miss this episode! Watch now.

Fight Club 4 Business: Episode 115
In this episode, Dan talks about how creative branding helps businesses stand out from the competition, attract the right clients and employees, and win the hearts and minds of their ideal customers. Watch now.

Beyond the Tools: Episode 40: Branding Your Business to Stand Out with Dan Antonelli
In this episode, Dan dives into the nitty-gritty of brand building and the role it plays in many aspects of the business, busting some common myths when it comes to growth and marketing along the way. He shares how even KickCharge went through a rebranding of their own, which according to Dan, is a point that a lot of companies never get to. Listen now.

Lighting for Profits: Ep 71 – Dan Antonelli – Branding Not Blanding
If you’ve ever had a question about what your truck wrap should look like, watch this week’s episode with Dan Antonelli from Kick Charge Creative. Dan is a master of marketing and knows how to build successful brands in any marketplace. Listen now.

Waste No Day: Episode 117: Dan Antonelli of KickCharge Creative on being Branded Not Blanded
In today’s show, we are putting Dan Antonelli in your passenger seat to discuss branding. Whether you are a business owner or a front-line employee branding has an important part in your day-to-day life. The power of branding cannot be understated from when you see the golden arches to when you watch the checkered flag logo drive by you. Brand images relates to brand service relates to brand value. What about your brand? Does your brand communicate the level of service that you bring? What about you personally? Listen now.

Branding Your Business to Stand Out with Dan Antonelli
In the Reflective Marketing podcast, Dan Antonelli dives into the nitty-gritty of building a brand and how it affects your business. Learn more.

Home Service Expert with Tommy Mello: How To Get Clients To Sell Themselves On Your Brand Before They Even Call You
Tommy Mello and Dan Antonelli, President and Chief Creative Officer of KickCharge Creative, talk all about how to build a brand that stands out, attracts the right clients and employees, and wins the hearts and minds of your ideal customer. Watch now.

Being an INtrepreneur, not an ENtrepreneur with Tommy Mello & Dan Antonelli
Tommy Mello and Dan Antonelli chat with HVAC Success Secrets, discussing what it is like to go through the KickCharge Creative process, the value of taking care of your people and more. Watch here.

Dan Antonelli – KickCharge Creative – Branded Not Blanded
Jim Klauck with Bring On Success Radio talks about Dan Antonelli’s book Branded Not Blanded and why creating the right brand for your company is vital. Listen now.

Why Roofing Brands Suck? & What To Do About It (Dan Antonelli of KickCharge)
Dan Antonelli joins Tim Brown of Hook Agency to discuss exactly why so many roofing companies struggle to pinpoint their brand and gain traction. Learn how to make sure you have kick-ass branding to stand out from other home services. Learn more.

Dan Antonelli delivers key branding insights for home service companies in best-selling Branded Not Blanded
Dan Antonelli shares information on his book Branded Not Blanded and key sections on how to elevate your branding. Read more.

New Marketing Book: Branded Not Blanded
Pest Control Technology spotlights Dan Antonelli’s book Branded Not Blanded and why it’s important to the home service business. Read more.

Vehicle Wraps with Backlit LED Panels – Now That’s a Bright Idea
Signs of the Times dives into the rebranding and consequent vehicle wrap that KickCharge Creative created for Hutton Power & Light. See how the process led them to a disruptive branding that makes them stand out. Learn more.


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