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The Blueprint for a Killer Home Service Brand.

Now is the time to invest in your home service branding and build a brand that is unique and disruptive. This book gives you the blueprint for how to build a brand that stands out, attracts the right clients and employees, and wins the hearts and minds of your ideal customers. Covering the basics from naming and taglines to the logistics of building a disruptive wrap, you’ll learn how better branding yields a much-improved marketing ROI and a smaller marketing budget.

This best-selling book features real case studies from home service business owners. You’ll read about the results their new brands have had and the effects not only on revenue but internal culture.

“I’ve been working on my marketing for 5 years now. After reading this I judge I’ve wasted the last 5 years. This has me focused and thinking about things so much more clearly.”

Imagine your home service brand standing out instead of just fitting in (“blanding”). What would happen for your home service business if it had a unique and disruptive brand that people remembered when they needed service?

“As an owner of a plumbing and HVAC company, the content from “Branded not Blanded” is key. This book is relevant for an business owner who is looking to cater to the consumer. I learned a lot from it and I’m in the process of implementing a lot of the information I got from the book. Thumbs up!”

Written by best-selling author Dan Antonelli, the creative director and president of KickCharge Creative, this book leverages his 30-year track record of developing some of the most successful home service brands in the country. With over 2,500 brands to his credit, Dan shares his winning formula to get inside consumers’ minds and help create a brand that connects them to your home service company. When it comes to branding, home service companies have two choices: build a disruptive brand and spend less on marketing or overspend on marketing to overcome a poor brand. Most choose the latter, which creates an opportunity for your company to take market share by building a truly disruptive brand!

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Building a Big Small Business Brand, by Dan Antonelli

This is Dan’s third book, which is a must-have for small business owners and entrepreneurs struggling to develop their professional identity. Your professional logo serves as a solid foundation for your small business branding: conveying expertise, delivering a brand promise and creating an expectation for quality. In today’s cluttered marketplace, the importance of your small business branding cannot be underestimated—yet most small businesses put little time and money into developing their company’s logo and branding strategy. Drawing from his experience of working with nearly 800 small businesses on their branding, you’ll learn the keys to an effective small business branding strategy.

Building a Big Small Business Brand shares industry secrets for:

Praise for Building a Big Small Business Brand

Here are a few excerpts from the book reviews on Amazon. As of March 2024, the book has received 81 5-star reviews.

“This book is a must read for any small or medium-sized business owner who is trying to figure out if “brand” matters. Dan’s latest book goes deep into the nuts and bolts of the “how and why” of small business branding. Whether or not you decide to work with Dan’s company, or even decide whether or not to invest in rebranding your company…you’d be a fool not to read the book. Besides, the book itself is entertaining with its case studies and gorgeous display of all their work with many different clients over the years.” – Don Kennedy

“Never before have I seen such a comprehensive and important resource for small businesses and designers alike!” – Carmelina D’Amelio

“For small businesses, it serves as a great resource to learn why their brand is so important to their success, and how to leverage a great brand to help ‘crush your competitors’ as Dan puts it!” – David A. Smith

“The fact that he focuses on the small business owner audience demonstrates his desire to educate the customer so that they can understand the concepts and the value of what he preaches. A public service if you will, for those who read his book insuring that they are better prepared to engage the services of a professional to create their brand. His book also makes it very clear that effective branding requires talent and time without shortcuts.” – Tom Gray

“Yet another amazing book from a mind that understands small business! From cover to cover, Building a Big Small Business Brand is packed with valuable information to help everyone from designers to business owners understand the value, importance, and impact your brand has on your business.” – Chad Franklin

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