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Branded Not Blanded: Kickcharge™ Your Home Service Brand.

The Blueprint for a Killer Home Service Brand.

Now is the time to invest in your home service branding and build a brand that is unique and disruptive. This book gives you the blueprint for how to build a brand that stands out, attracts the right clients and employees, and wins the hearts and minds of your ideal customers. Covering the basics from naming and taglines to the logistics of building a disruptive wrap, you’ll learn how better branding yields a much-improved marketing ROI and a smaller marketing budget.

This book features real case studies from home service business owners. You’ll read about the results their new brands have had and the effects not only on revenue but internal culture.

Imagine your home service brand standing out instead of just fitting in (“blanding”). What would happen for your home service business if it had a unique and disruptive brand that people remembered when they needed service?

Written by best-selling author Dan Antonelli, the Creative Director and President of KickCharge™ Creative, this book leverages his 30-year track record of developing some of the most successful home service brands in the country. With over 2,000 brands to his credit, Dan shares his winning formula to get inside consumers’ minds and help create a brand that connects them to your home service company. When it comes to branding, home service companies have two choices: build a disruptive brand and spend less on marketing or overspend on marketing to overcome a poor brand. Most choose the latter, which creates an opportunity for your company to take market share by building a truly disruptive brand!

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